Monday, October 31, 2016

Mission Culture & Standards of Excellence
Russia St. Petersburg Mission
10 October 2016
Mission Culture

In this mission we:
Love the Lord
Love the people
Are obedient
Work hard
Live the language
Strengthen the Church
Give Christlike service
Teach Repentance
Baptize Converts

Standards of Excellence

Mission Goals:
Reactivations: 70 less-actives reactivated in 2016
Baptisms: 30 baptisms in 2016

Companionship Goals:
Church Attendance: 2 less actives each week
2 investigators at church each week
Total Service Hours: 12 total service hours each week
Total Lessons: 10 total lessons each week

Personal Standards of Excellence:
Read from the Book of Mormon daily.
Follow your gospel and language study plan daily.
Do role-plays daily.
Greet the members of your ward or branch on Sundays before church.
Speak Russian from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Native Russian speakers learn English.
Pray daily that the hearts of the people in Russia will be softened.
“Go about doing good.” (see Acts 10:38)

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