Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Wow this week has been all over the place.  These last few days haven't been that fun, I've been pretty sick and sleeping about 24 hours a day.  I think as with every other sickness thus far on my mission it all started with eating something, and just went downhill from there.  I'm doing a lot better now, the only real remaining issues is a sniffle and tiredness.  BUT, the days before all that were awesome!  We had Zone Conference this last week, and we're having Zone Conference again this coming week, and this is probably the only time in the history of missions that this has happened, but it was because Elder Martino of the Seventy was in St. Petersburg to train us and help us lift our visions of what the Lord can accomplish in our mission through our diligence and hard work. The Conference was really just what a lot of us needed at this time, because there is still A LOT of confusion about what we can and can't do.  He taught us a lot of things, and a couple of the ones that stuck out to me the most were that we don't EVER just fill time, but rather all things we do should be focused on helping others come unto Christ.  Since becoming volunteers, a lot of times we have been trying to find activities that will just keep us busy, but it was a very needed reminder that we of course still help with renovations if someone asks us to help with renovations, but that's not the only thing that we will be trying to accomplish.  Anyone can renovate, not everyone can help people come unto Christ. 

This week's email will be relatively short!  I'm still in the recovery process and I'm a little out of it. Thanks for having Adam send the poem, that was too funny.  The fact that as an in-law he knows the family so well is a testament to what an awesome person he is.  To wrap up I'll share a couple of verse I read today.  We've been asked to prepare for Zone Conferences by reading 3rd Nephi 9-28, and since I've been sleeping 24 hours a day that last little while, I've fallen a little behind.  But, while reading chapter 17 the following verse stuck out to me  

8 For I perceive that ye desire that I should show unto you what I have done unto your brethren at Jerusalem, for I see that your faith is sufficient that I should heal you.

I love the idea that their faith was sufficient that he should heal them.  

I hope that your Christmas preparations are going well and that you remember whose birth we are celebrating at this wonderful time of year!  Everyone have a Merry Christmas, and family I'll see you in skype in a few short days, I love you all very very much!


Elder Belnap

I forgot to tell you that I'll be using Google chats like last time. will be the way to get in touch, see you soon!


Elder Belnap

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