Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015

Oh my goodness, what a week!  Seriously though it has been awesome.  Can't believe it's week 5 and that we are now the oldest in the Zone.  It's weird having people look up to us who have just arrived and are all wide eyed innocent and now we're the ones that have to be the hardened veterans of 5 long and arduous weeks.  Shoo cho (Russian for just kidding) but still, it's been weird. If companionships have problems and the District Leaders don't know what to do, then they come to us now and ask questions.  We have also been making assignments and just talking with people and making sure that they know they can talk to us if they need anything.  We've definitely been able to grow closer to everyone and get to know everyone through being Zone Leaders which is awesome and a tremendous blessing.  Also Nate did send me a dear elder and it was the cutest thing.  I miss my little M.C. so much, he's adorable.  He said that if I think it's going by fast that I'm wrong because he thinks it's going by so slow.  Also are Caroline and Ryan on their trip yet?  Anyway for events of the past week...

Thursday:  So today I had my strangest bout with narcolepsy yet.  I had been fading the whole class, and so when we had an exercise to practice my teacher decide to practice with me.  Anyway, while he was asking me a question he said I went cross-eyed and my head just drooped.  I fell asleep for about 10-15 seconds and then I sorta just jolted awake and my teacher and companions were just staring at me absolutely dumbfounded and I was just staring at my teacher waiting for the question.  We didn't get anything done for about 10 minutes because after I asked, "Are you going to ask me a question?"  (Which I said in Russian by the way) they all just lost it.  Too funny.  Also this is for David, but I was talking to President Burgess and we made the connection of the Buckner's and that he was there for the Jamboree.  Anyway he asked me, "didn't I play catch with a taller you...?"  And I told him that that was my older brother and he said, "Yeah I could tell he had quite an arm because I could tell he was going soft on me and it still hurt."  Anyway, funny little side story as well that I thought you might enjoy.  

Friday:  I had a bit of a rough day, just right around the halfway mark, felt a little overwhelmed, it's amazing how fast the language is coming, but also intimidating how far we need to go.  I also just had a rough day with my companions, one of those where I wanted to just take a break for a little bit from them both, but if anything, things have been so much better since then.  Anyway, it was a rough day but by the end of it I felt so much better.

Saturday:  Nothing really happened of importance on Saturday, other than just our last full day with the Sisters.  We really became super close with them, just wonderful examples and people.  They are missed :/.

Sunday:  Officially got called as zone leaders and got to work right away, just talking with District Leaders, figuring out problems with companionships, making assignments for teaching lessons, and just discussing with the presidency things we can do to improve how effective everyone in the zone is with their studies.  It's crazy how much more we know than some of the districts when it comes to the language just because we seem to focus a lot more.  Anyway, our teachers and teachers of other classes have been really impressed with us and how quickly our companionship is learning, and it just gives us greater desire to improve.  We also took pictures at the temple and said goodbye to the district that was leaving.  

Monday:  Got an awesome letter from an awesome individual Kacey Sorenson #shoutout who takes off on her mission beginning of September.  We also went around to all the districts and got to see them and introduce ourselves to everyone, because although I know everyone and I am as popular as ever (just kidding...but not really though)  we just wanted to let everyone know who we are a little more and just build more of a relationship with them.  

Tuesday:  Tuesday was awesome!  The crowning event was getting to see President Nelson only 4 rows from the pulpit for the devotional.  It was such a powerful talk and I just felt in awe the whole time.  He talked about some topics that were just so personal to me that I felt like it was the two of us having a conversation.  I also talked with our Branch President after, and we discussed some of the topics and I just felt God's love super strongly that night.  It was awesome and it was just a great experience.  

Wednesday:  We went to the temple this morning and while I was there I saw someone that looked super familiar.  Anyway after a minute I realized it was the brother and sister who were working at the temple in Kyiv the day I went to the temple there.  It was awesome and we were able to talk for a little bit.  They finished their mission a month ago and are now back here in Provo, and it was just so funny to make that connection.  It was really cool to see them there and just the 2nd time in a row I've run into someone I know at the temple.  Too funny.  Also the temple worker was this cute little old British man in Provo who like took a minute or two every 15 or so minutes just to share a little thought.  He was adorable and I want to be him when I'm an old man haha.  

Anyway, I'll get sending pictures soon.  Love you all so much and miss you.  So proud of you by the way mom for hiking Mount Timp, there's a reason why you still don't look a day over 35. Haha, anyway, I'm just glad you, Kelly and Janae have stayed so close throughout the years and you just give me hope for having my friendships with the wonderful people I've met already (Christina, Bennett, Aaron, Ethan, anyone at BYU, and many many more) endure for the rest of my life :).  I'm so glad I'm where I am right now and I can't wait to be in St. Petersburg in a few short weeks.  Also hopefully in about 10-12 days I'll have my flight plans which is super exciting.  Oh also, one of my friends Maddie G got her wisdom teeth taken out and sent me some pictures and a video, and it made me laugh so hard.  If any of you have something like that happen, send it my way!  It would make me day to see your faces even if it is just a video/picture.  Love you again mom!  And dad, spence, Rebecca, Nathan, David, Caroline, Ryan, grandma and grandpa too.  Oh last thing, the pictures of grandma were too good.  I was laughing really hard at those well.  Send them my love, and also Adam as well :)!  


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