Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29-30, 2015

Hey so we get to today given that we leave Monday just to take care of somethings.  Anyway, I'm just letting you know, what time works best for you for me to call in the morning once we get to the airport?  I'll email some more later, and also, can you tell Spencer to take care of the things I asked him to do ASAP please?  There were just a couple numbers I needed from my/Rebecca's phone that I asked him to send me.  Anyway, I can't believe I leave for Russia in just a couple days!  I love you so much momma, thanks for everything :)!  Talk to you later today!

Hi Christopher!!

Here are the numbers you requested:  

Grandpa Belnap 801.547.4930
Grandpa Goff  801.389.3455 or call home phone and it rings through to his cell 801.399.9580
Spencer Belnap  801.690,9894
Kacey Sorenson  925.262.3651-- was just listed as Kacey in your phone, assuming this is Kacey Sorenson.

You can call me at any time.  Both Spencer and Rebecca leave for school at 7:20 so any time before then for them.  
Your dad is possibly going to come to the airport but you could try him anytime.  Grandpa Goff you may want to wait until you are in Chicago to call same with Grandpa Belnap.

Anything else you need?  Oh, by the way, do you know the address and phone number of the mission home in St. Petersburg?  Chris Jeppson will be going up on Sept. 11 and bringing your winter gear.  If you are not able to get that information, I'm sure I will be able to get it somewhere.  Is there anything else you need?  I can pick something up today and have your Dad bring it to you at the airport.  Do you need a trench coat?  All you have is the big winter coat, right?

I love you so much and am so excited for you!

FYI, Christine Powers died this morning at 6:30 :(  I think Caroline is going to go back for the funeral.

I love you Christopher and am so grateful for you and your goodness.  Keep spreading the kindness and love!



Thank you mom, their were a couple more numbers I requested from Spencer, just so that I can get these peoples emails and add them to the list.  Claire Cameron and Chris Dzaran.  Can I call you during your morning walk too or no?  Um, I don't know if I'll have the weight for a trench coat in my luggage, would you mind seeing how much it weighs and then I can let you know tomorrow if I'll have the weight for it?  I can definitely get the address of the mission home, but I actually think it was mentioned in one of my last FaceBook posts if you would rather just check that.  That's so sad about Christine Powers, would you mind giving me Kelly's number too?  I have a lot of layover time, and if I can get to it I would love to just send my condolences.  There shouldn't be anything else that would be needed!  I love you mom, and I should be able to check a couple more times today just to take care of things.  Also, if you wouldn't mind sending the money to my checking instead of my saving, I just moved things around a little bit, because I had to pay for some bigger items today, but I noticed the money was in my savings and not in my checking so I just switched that around a little bit.  Other than that I think everything should be good!  Love you!  

Claire 208.891.6766
Chris Dzaran 703.887.2474

Yes, you can call me while I am walking.  I didn't get a coat.  If you need one I will send it to the Jeppsons and Chris can bring it up, or Janae will be there in October and i will send it with her.  Would that work?  Sorry.  Or you can buy something in Russia.  I will put money in your account.  How much do you need?

I love love love you!!!

I have $75 but I thought you said you were going to send over the $500 that was suggested (or something like that, I don't remember).  I just moved money from my savings, the $150 you transferred to my savings but to my checking, I don't know how much I should have.  Thanks for the numbers, and yeah I'm sure that we can figure something out!  Love you so very much mom, I'll be sure to call you around 5:15!  Love you! 

I just transferred $500 to you wells fargo checking

Thank you momma!  I love you so much, thanks for all that you do and continue to do for me :).  Also, I'll send dad a text from the phone tomorrow morning, with my terminal number and everything, and so that he has the number so he can call me.  I'll do it bright and early in the morning when we get all our travel information so that he can actually find me :)

Christopher sent a bunch of pics on Sunday as he didn't know how soon he would be able to send pics once in Russia.

Sister Handley

Brother Parson who is basically the greatest person on earth

Sister Maryn Smith from the Y, the bomb!

MTC and Mission name tags

Brother Sumsion from our branch presidency, truly one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

Elder Chuck Stone, my guyyyy!!!

Matthew Buckner and Christopher

Last Zone Pic

Pic with Fav Sisters all going to Ukraine

Elder Taylor from NYC

Sister Ivanovich

E. Hollingshead from the Y
Elder Mehr


The mighty triumpherate

Studying and sleeping

Sonderegger and Narcoleptic

Sleeping again

St. Petersburg Missionary Group

Sonderegger and Christopher

The Map

The Map

Sonderegger, Mehr, Christopher

Swaggy J/Joseph Schindler/Fav Janitor at MTC

Swaggy J/Joseph Schindler/Janitor at MTC

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