Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16, 2015

Your right mom, another week passed by and I honestly can't believe it!  My time in Nevsky could be coming to a close soon, and it makes me sad, because things are finally starting to happen here!  I think as Elder Simonsen and I have started to work a lot harder that there have been substantial differences in our contacting with people on the streets, not only in terms of how many people we talkt to, but the quality of the conversations with these people.  Anyway, before I get started on my week, I'll just give a little commentary on your email.  First, that's tons of fun that you had Grandpa and Sharon up for dinner, I'm glad things went well and I was laughing pretty hard at Nathan's comment, what a little stinker.  He's got a sharp wit, he and Caroline probably the most of us 6 in my opinion.  That's too funny about Spencer with braces, how long will it take do you know?  Yeah, tell him it's not too bad and that if you can have confidence with braces, then there's nothing that can stop you.  Haha, when I got my braces off Freshman year one of my friends posted in the BYU class of 2018 page on FaceBook about how I got my braces off and it got a whole bunch of likes and one person randomly on campus even asked me if I was the kid from the post.  I was just thinking about that and laughing and thought why not share.  Anyway, that's too funny about Alex Angus, I love that too much.  I can't believe you haven't seen her in that long, she and I hung out every now and again Freshman year.  Anyway, don't apologize too much about a not too very interesting email, because I don't have too much to share either!  Because...
I was on the toilet again this week!  One night we went out contacting, and I wasn't feeling too well and Elder Simonsen asked me if we should just go home.  Right as I was about to answer "No, I'm fine" my stomach shifted really loudly and I changed my answer to "I think you just heard the answer."  Anyway, we waited super long for public transportation that wouldn't come and ended up taking the metro.  Elder Simonsen said I was sweating with concentration trying to keep it all in.  Waddled from the metro home, and barely made it in time.  The closest that I have ever been to pooping my pants.  Sorry if that's too much detail, but it was pretty funny.  Elder Simonsen couldn't help but laughing the whole time because I was just focusing so hard on not having to get a new suit for reasons other than dropping weight.  Anyway, we had to stay inside a couple of days because of that, but it's nothing compared to last time. 
Other than that we had interviews with President Childs this week which went really well.  It really helped me step up my contacting people on the street.  We actually had a really cool experience just last night.  We had just a lot of fun stopping and talking to people, and we met all sorts of cool people.  Anyway, we were about home and a guy comes walking by.  Elder Simonsen was already getting out the keys but I just go behind him and start talking to the man.  We had set a goal of getting one referral that night  (which almost never happens) and 4 lessons (we had only taught 2 up to that point).  Anyway, the man stopped, was interested in the English Group and almost passed on his wife's information.  We didn't get the referral we had stretched for, and we didn't have the opportunity to teach one more lesson, but we kept stretching.  I've learned a lot that goals aren't always set just for you to reach them, but so that you have to stretch for them.  We really tried to stretch for our goals and even though we didn't reach them, we talked with more people than usual and had far more quality conversations than usual because we were really trying to stretch ourselves.  I know that as we stretch ourselves that the Lord acknowledges that and helps us.  He wants us to grow and be better people than we are now in all aspects of life.  As we truly strive to be better than we are today and stretch for that, his hand is more easily apparent in our lives.  Anyway, I love all of you so very much and I hope you just have the best week!  I love you allso much and you are in my prayers as well!
Elder Belnap
CAB in Novgorod earlier in November

CAB in Novgorod

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